Looking for facts, figures or other (socio-economic) information on the Belgian province of West Flanders? We present you our region in a nutshell.

Facts & figures

Your gateway to Europe

Located in the entrepreneurial heart of Europe and as Belgium’s coastal region, West Flanders offers a powerful combination of low total logistics costs and comprehensive services for distribution to and from the European market. No less than 60% of Europe’s purchasing power is situated within a 500-km radius around West Flanders.

Thanks to its unique location, West Flanders offers specific competitive advantages to serve Europe’s “golden triangle”— Paris-London-Brussels.

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Fully equipped and connected

A dense and efficient transportation network comprised of roads, railways and canals offers local industries and distribution companies seamless access to the most important European consumer markets and production centres.

2 deep-sea ports, 2 international airports and 4 inland terminals assure the region’s role as a global logistics hotspot.

West Flanders' central location and efficient infrastructure forms the foundation for a dynamic sector that with the experience and know-how make West Flanders a European logistics hub.