We are winners

West Flanders mixes the best things in life with generous hospitality, making it a very pleasant and enriching place to live, work and relax. Our people have the winning mentality, also reflected in our world leading companies, R&D and education.

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Excellent and affordable healthcare. With up to 75% of healthcare costs reimbursed in Flanders, healthcare isn’t simply excellent – it’s affordable too. We are known for university-level health care. There is always a doctor and hospital nearby.

  • Up to 75% of healthcare costs reimbursed
  • 24/7 access to medication thanks to pharmacy rotation
  • High-performance healthcare system
  • #4 in Europe on total score


Excellent local and international education. In Flanders, education is government-supported, so it is very affordable. You’ll discover many internationally top-ranked schools in West Flanders.

  • #3 worldwide for primary education
  • #4 worldwide for educational system
  • #3 worldwide for math and sciences
  • #3 worldwide in management schools


Belgium is known for its chocolate and West Flanders is too, as you will find more than 100 chocolatiers in the province. They excel in creativity and exceptional flavour. No wonder many of them are mentioned in the Gault&Millau food guide.

  • 108 recognised chocolatiers
  • Ter Groene Poorte in Bruges biggest national training centre
  • 900 experts
  • €210 million turnover


Belgian beers are world-renowned, but did you know West Flanders itself has over 40 local breweries? Not to mention the numerous small ones. Everywhere you go, you will encounter the rich beer culture of West Flanders.

  • 40 local breweries
  • 180 local beers
  • Our beers won several 'best beer in the world'-contests
  • 4 cycling routes that connect small and large breweries


In Flanders, cycling is part of our DNA. Leisure cycling is done on our enormous cycle route network. And everybody knows the Flanders Classics and our many Flemish cycling champions.

  • 12,000 KM cycle route network
  • 6 Flanders classics
  • 15 winners Tour de France
  • 66 winners Tour of Flanders

Space travel

In West Flanders, we like to discover new horizons. Sometimes, you can take this quite literally. The first Belgian in space? You guessed it right … he is from West Flanders.

  • 1992 - first Belgian in space
  • Payload specialist
  • Nasa space shuttle mission STS-45


West Flemish people are often depicted as stubborn, humble and hard-working. This results in remarkable achievements, like in sports. Did you know the female world boxing champion lives in West Flanders?

  • Annual boxing event at Izegem
  • 43/44 wins
  • WBC champion